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Numeracy and Mathematics (added 17/12/18)

Please see the document below for the Deputy First Minister's Christmas Holiday 2018 Math's Challenge.

Christmas Holiday 2018 Math's Challenge

Solutions and workings will be published at on 4 January 2019.

Greenhills Kids Zone (added 17/12/18)

Remember that there a re many links to fantastic educational games and websites in the Kid's Zone section of our website!  This can be found in the tab that reads 'Pupil Area' or by using the link below!

Greenhills Kid's Zone

Attendance (added 12/12/18)
I would ask that all parents/carers ensure their children are in school on time.  The management team are outside most mornings welcoming children to school, however we have consistent late comers to school which is causing the teachers to repeat information and taking away the learning time of others, dinner ladies are constantly updating their figures for meals to be cooked and the office and support staff are taking children to and from the two buildings.  Please help us to do right by all children by having them arrive at school prior to the bell ringing at 9am, ready for learning.

Curricular Afternoon and Evening (added 12/12/18)
We are holding a Literacy curricular afternoon and evening on Tuesday, 8th January 2019.  Please look out for the letter and we would appreciate as many parents/carers as possible coming along to find out how to support their child.

Stay & Play (added 12/12/18)
Our current group attending Stay, Play and Learn will finish on Thursday, 18th December 2018 and the new group of parents in Rm1 and Rm 3 will begin on 10th January at 9.15am. 

Breakfast Club (added 12/12/18)
Many thanks to all our volunteers who enable our free breakfast club to have run 2 mornings a week this term.  The children have decided to name their breakfast club and through consultation have agreed that the club will be known as Yum & Fun Club which was the idea of Corbyn Parry, P7.  Well done Corbyn.

Engine Idling (added 12/12/18)
We have had complaints from parents/carers about other parents/carers leaving their engines running either in the morning prior to 9am or at 3pm and as you know this is illegal and harmful to life to leave engines running.  Please help us keep you and your children healthy.

Infant Playground (added 12/12/18)
Within the playground we continually have to ask parents/carers to move away from the walk way. Please can I ask all adults to step back from the lines and walkway and allow children to access the buildings without fear of adults stepping in front of classes or breaking up the lines.  Keep our children safe.

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